I used to hibernate

I used to hibernate in the winter. There wasnt much that I liked about the winter. Its cold. I get cold easy. I just couldnt find a reason to want to spend time outside. A few winters ago (at least 5, before I started running) I decided I wasnt going to hibernate anymore. After all, I am a New Englander I should be out enjoying all seasons of the year. When I moved to New Hampshire from Michigan I thought I would pick up skiing again. I had dabbled a little in college and bought down hill skies that I had only used a couple of times since college.  I quickly learned that on my salary, skiing was not going to be my outdoor winter activity. I decided I would buy snow shoes. I had a good feeling that this activity would bring me out of hibernation and it did!
There is nothing like the peace and calmness of a snow shoe hike in the woods. Especially at night and especially when it is snowing! I took some photos and some video on my hike today to try to capture the peacefulness. If you tend to hibernate in the winter, I hope that these pics and video help you change your mind and maybe motivate you to explore what winter activities might be appealing to you. 
*Disclaimer: It was cold today, really cold. I took these pics with my phone and had some issues with the focus due to the frigid temp. 
Fox State Fores Ridge trail, one of my favorite close to home running trails.
Its the simple things…I saw these trees and thought “Snow balls”
Snow covered/tree covered trail…detour was necessary.
And this was the view at the end of my snow shoe hike

Get out out there an enjoy the winter! #noregrets

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