Running with cows

When a runner is injured he or she has two choices to make 1. Make the best of it and DO WORK to get stronger or 2. Sulk and do nothing.  Up until a week or two ago I fell somewhere in between the two choices so I guess maybe you could call it choice number 1.5. On the outside I tried to remain positive while on the inside I was feeling miserable. I dont really think it was just my injury that made me feel miserable, it was a combination of things, recent weight gain pre-injury, loss of muscle post-injury and getting sucked into feeling content with doing nothing. After enjoying the life of a slug for about a month I decided to take back control. I completed a detox to refresh my system, refocused on eating healthy, and started a new fitness routine. I started to run more and am feeling stronger every day. I am choosing to be happy and for the first time in over a month I am truly happy-none of this faking it till ya make it crap.


Columbus day weekend run in Fox State Forest

Columbus day weekend run in Fox State Forest

I worked all the past holiday weekend but I did manage to sneak in one good trail run at Fox State Forest and then last night I was able to get in my longest run since the Hampshire 100. 8 glorious miles on my favorite road run-Bear Hill. I love Bear Hill because it runs along the river, there are cows/farms, there are hills, partial dirt roads, and it provides great views at sundown. Throw in amazing autumn colors and you have pretty much a perfect run. I finished in the dark and was prepared with my blinky light and headlamp. Josie is not a fan of running in the dark but if she wants to run she needs to get used to it because that is how we roll this time of year. Last night I was smiling from start to finish. Partially because my favorite cheering squad was out in the field, partially because it was sooooo beautiful and partially because I love running at that time of night. I have included pics of my cheer squad and the views. I also experienced something I had never experienced before…the cows were running with me. I even shot a short video. By the time my phone worked I didnt get much but you will get the gist of what went down.


Then there was tonight. A warm Autumn evening with a hill run at Pats Peak ski resort…at sundown. Josie and I made it to the top of Pats Peak, I mean the real top of the Mountain, not just to the top of the ski hill. We also found a newer ski trail that was either put in this year or last year or newly remodeled. Its sits all by its lonesome near the top of the mountain. We also explored and found trails. We didnt explore the trails very far because it was almost dark but next time, when there is more light or possibly by the light of a good head lamp. We traveled down the road less traveled and found a pond and a nature area and again I was all smiles. Loving life and feeling strong…I mean truly strong. None of this fakin’ it crap. 🙂


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